Our Services

  • At College Fund Resource we help you find an effective way to afford the college of your dreams.  We can help you more efficiently pay for college costs - whether your family income is $50,000 or $500,000.  

  • Family membership includes a detailed financial action plan, personalized career and college search, checklists, timelines and deadline notification, frequent tips and newsletters, assistance in application information as well as comparison of college financial awards.

  • Do you own a Business?  We offer a multitude of strategies that aid entrepreneurs to utilize tax savings through their business and save on the cost of college.  We work with your tax consultant to find these effective ways.

  • Do you have multiple children?  A successful college financial plan can include an education blueprint for all children to get a fulfilling education, without imploding your retirement.

If you're facing the challenge of paying for college educations, let us show you the best funding solutions that work for you. Visit our contact page to learn how.

Confused and concerned your child won't get into the "right college" or that you won't be able to afford it?  

Our mission is to help you through the financial questions and paper maze to make the college of your child's dreams possible.