Get Advice on How to Pay for College

  • Learn how to monitor your college application progress & avoid expensive missed deadlines

  • Find out how to discover the most affordable colleges

  • Become aware about what the colleges expect you to pay

Our focus is to help you find an affordable way to send your children to college and to make the whole process as reassuring and painless as possible.  You owe it to yourself to find out more. College Fund Resource provides information to parents who may not qualify for financial aid and who want to avoid sacrificing their retirement or want to avoid debt to pay for college. 

You can avoid paying too much for college by contacting our office or attending one of our workshops to better understand how the process works.  Your phone call is free, our workshop is free.  We even offer a free 15 minute consultation. 

Many organizations, churches, schools, PTAs and corporations have requested College Fund Resource to share this information. We do so with no charge. College Fund Resource helps families fund college in affordable ways for Atlanta College Bound Students. If you want to arrange a talk, go to Contact and tell us the details in the comment section. We will call you.