5 Benefits to Writing a Student Resume

A student resume is a document that highlights a student’s accomplishments and experiences in preparation for college admittance. The resume ideally lists skills, abilities, volunteer experience, and extra curricular activities during high school. If a student has a good GPA, class ranking, and ACT/SAT scores, those should also be included on the resume.

But why even go through the time and effort of writing a student resume if completing a college application is all that’s required to get into the college of your choice?

There are 5 key reasons why writing a resume before college is beneficial.

1. A resume prepares you for the college interview.

Taking some time to write out your accomplishments on a resume allows you to be mentally prepared for a college interview. During an interview, college admittance counselors will want to know what makes you stand out. By mentally referencing the resume that you've already written, you can easily list accomplishments and describe what makes you a unique and noteworthy candidate. 

2. A resume prepares you to fill out a college application.

You don’t want to miss any opportunity to highlight important details on a college application. If you’ve already thought through and listed your accomplishments on a resume, you can quickly reference the document as you are filling out your application.

3. A resume helps you know what to focus on in college essays.

A college essay is a place to be clear and concise about who you are. It’s important to paint a vivid picture of yourself while avoiding overly descriptive language. By using the list on your student resume, you can scan and use your tangible experiences and accolades as examples of what makes you unique.  

4. A resume helps you to be efficient in the college application process.

Sometimes colleges will allow you to upload a resume as you are filling out an online application. This is a great opportunity to further stand out in the application process. However, if you don't have the option to upload a resume, you can still use what you've written on a resume as a guide in your application.

5. A resume helps with the letter of recommendation.

Teachers and mentors often get requests to write college recommendation letters. While most are happy to write these letters, multiple requests from students can mean it’s difficult to write something new and applicable for each student. You can help remind your teacher or mentor of your accomplishments by presenting them with your resume. This way, they write about those things most pertinent to you.

A resume can be a great tool for the college bound student. Put a little time and effort into crafting a well written resume, and you'll reap the benefits of being well prepared during the college admissions process.