An App That Helps You Plan for College

It seems that there's an app for everything these days. In many ways, smartphones - and all their capabilities - have become an extension of how we use our brains and store information. Apps have allowed us to become more streamlined in tracking our finances, keeping up with the news, getting paid, reading novels on our phones at any time, getting directions, and in staying in touch with our friends and neighbors - just to name a few.

Now there is an app that helps with the overwhelming process of college applications.

The Common App helps students to keep on task with college applications by easily viewing pertinent college information and deadlines all in one place. 

As the app description states, students can easily:

  • Explore a list of nearly 700 colleges

  • Access your Common App college list and add colleges to it.

  • Search the writing requirements for each college

  • See each college's deadline

  • View your submission status for each application

  • Invite and manage your recommenders

  • Receive helpful push notifications about upcoming deadlines and other important events

If you are a student or parent, the Common App might be your solution to streamlining the college application process.

Note: Take advance action in Summer 2018.  The rollover feature with the Common App allows students to gain some momentum before the official launch of the 2018-19 application on August 1st. From July 24th-July 31st, the app will be offline until its' launch on August 1st.