Study Smarter with Space Repetition Learning


Many students have experienced a major study cram the night before a big test. While the test scores may turn out okay after a last minute cram, it's not likely that most students will actually retain that information for very long.

What if it were possible to not be stressed while studying, study less, AND still remember the information over a longer period of time?

WIth a little foresight, organization, and time, it is possible to study less and improve learning. The Space Repetition System is a scientifically proven system that helps students learn through spaced intervals over time.


The idea is that our brains learn new information much more effectively when we space out our learning over several days. By reviewing information over increasingly spaced gaps of time, we retain the information better. The key is to review that information right about the time you would start to forget it.

Piotr Wozniak researched the ideal times for this space repetition and then applied his findings to a unique computer algorithm. This algorithm is used in the computer based program called SuperMemo, which helps students learn with Space Repetition.

Wozniak's findings show the ideal structure for Space Repetition:

First Rep - 1 day

Second Rep - 7 days

Third Rep - 16 days

Fourth Rep - 35 days

Of course, you could apply his findings the old school way - with flashcards and an organized calendar handy. Or you could also check out the many Space Repetition apps available. They make using the system easy and seamless.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

SuperMemo (mentioned above)


Tiny Cards

Flash Card Learner

By applying the Space Repetition System, you'll avoid the stress of a last minute, late night cram session before that big test. You'll also reap all the benefits of remembering what you learned for a far longer amount of time.