Zero College Debt

The Zero College Debt Program has been designed to help you pay for college without taking on mountains of debt or compromising parents' assets, income or retirement accounts.  

This program works well for both undergraduate and graduate programs.  It is also an excellent alternative for professional programs requiring internships and long commitments to education.  Ask us about these extended program advantages!

Our Multiple Benefits:

  • Take advantage of all available cost savings like qualifying for in-state tuition rates (lowering your costs), save thousands of dollars where there is a differential.
  • Generate revenue from rents; and you save what you would have spent on college housing.
  • Tax advantages like tax credits, depreciation, write off taxes and interest on loans and parents can write off travel expenses when visiting and more.
  • Preserve parents assets. 

We design strategies with numerous other ways to avoid or reduce debt.  Advance planning can maximize these advantages.